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TJ Foltz

Founder & CEO

TJ Foltz is not what you might call a stereotypical CEO. He wears blue jeans almost every day of his life. In an overseas trip, during his time as a youth pastor, TJ was overwhelmed by seeing children being forced to drink unclean drinking water for lack of better resources.

TJ never looked back and has made getting people clean drinking water his life's work.  One of his favorite parts of his job is when it requires him to go to one of the growing list of areas now drinking clean water because of the hard work of the Humankind team.


TJ's wife is Meg. His dog is Abbie.  His sons are Jackson and Elijah.  And his dog is Abbie.  Wait, we said that already.

Ethan Frey


Born and raised in Lancaster County, PA, Ethan applies the lessons and skills he learned from his family’s food and beverage business to Humankind. At HK, he exemplifies a “whatever it takes” attitude to accomplish the day’s work, whether it’s loading trucks and vans for delivery or cold calling some of the nation’s biggest retailers. He’s here because he wants to make a difference and he believes YOU do too!


He’s committed to seeing Humankind, and all the folks who support it, bring an end to the world’s water crisis.


In July 2016, Ethan and his wife, Kristen joined the HK team! They have four beautiful and energetic children.



Meg Foltz

VP of Marketing, Director of Missions for kindhuman Foundation

Meg crafts Humankind’s culture and brand.​ As a registered nurse, she first became aware of the need for clean water while on the frontlines of a cholera outbreak.  She now leads Humankind vision trip teams to educate and raise awareness for the basic necessity of clean water.

Meg speaks to church, civic, school, and corporate groups and inspires the masses to be a difference maker in this world.


Meg loves being in the sunshine, feet in the grass,  furry friend by her side, and dirt under her nails She strongly believes that food is a love language.

Ben Thankachan

Chief Optimism Officer

Ben is our COO (Chief Optimism Officer) and is a licensed pharmacist and serial entrepreneur. His life was significantly affected by going on a mission trip to Zambia in 2007. It was there in Africa that he experienced first hand how life altering access to clean water can be.


Ben spent the first 17 years of his career working in various levels of management for Walmart Stores Inc, and recently “retired” as the Vice President for Health and Wellness at Sam’s Club.


Ben spends his free time cheering for the Philadelphia "Iggles" & Miami Hurricanes, and forcing his two beautiful children, Liliana and Beniah, to cheer for those same two perennial champions. He is married to the gorgeous love of his life, Liz, who has been blessed with an abundance of the many qualities he sorely lacks.


Ben, Liz, Lily and Niah live in a suburb of Charlotte, NC and are privileged to be able to partner with various ministries and organizations that help to empower the underserved across the world.




As the Director of Operations and Development, Aimee is the perfect fit with her kind personality and tenacious spirit. She loves baseball, gardening, and her family (three kiddos and her hubby).


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